Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to pin up a bicycle race number

Pinning up a race number is one of the basic fundamental things every bike racer should know how to do. I've been meaning to do a how to post on a simple, quick and functional way to do it for a long time now. Every time I go to a race, I see several badly pinned numbers as well as methods of pinning them up. Some folks need someone to do it for them. Others need a pillow or steering wheel to put their jerseys on.

This method you can do by yourself quickly. I made a short video at the end of the post for a full demonstration.

Start off by laying the jersey on your lap or on some flat surface. Position the number where it needs to go and push the fist pin in about half way through the number and jersey.

The pin should go through the jersey and back out through the number. Kind of like sewing the number to the jersey with one stitch of the pin.

It should come out like this. lock the pin and you've got 1 down, 7 to go. Don't use the holes on the corners.

Put a pin in each corner, then one on each side. This is what one side looks like when finished.
Hopefully this post is helpful anyone who stresses before the race even starts about pinning up a number.

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  1. Nice post man! I had my first race the other day and ended up with a parachute instead of a race number.